Phishing and Security

Below are a list of phishing resources that I've gathered that I've decided to stick in one central location. If I'm missing a link please let me know by filling out our Contact Form.


Anti-Phishing Working Group
"Our mission is to provide a resource for information on the problem and solutions for phishing and email fraud."

Microsoft Anti-Phishing Home Page
Microsoft's homepage on phishing. Provides tools, articles, and information for protecting yourself.

Tools, Statistics,  and Software:

Phishing Stats
Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar
Microsoft Phishing Filter Add-in for MSN Search Toolbar
WiKID HTTPS Mutual Authentication (Two Factor Authentication Software)
SpoofStick Browser Plugin for Firefox
Mozilla 'Trustbar'
The Ebay Toolbar
McAfee® Anti-Phishing Filter
Anti-Phishing Toolbar

Technical Articles

Phishing Wikipedia Entry
Analyzing a "Phishing" Scam Attempt
Know your Enemy: Phishing Behind the Scenes of Phishing Attacks
The Phishing Guide, (PDF)
Phishing for Clues
The state of homograph attacks
Banking Scam Revealed
The Ecomony of Phishing

News Articles:

Facts of phishing
AOL: A Cracker's Paradise?
'Spear Phishing' Tests Educate People About Online Scams
Bank to require more than passwords
Phishing email poses as IRS tax refund
Targeted hacking attacks tipped to rise
Evolving Phishing Attacks Using Web Vulnerabilities?
Phishing with Google Desktop - TheRegister
Identity Thief Goes "Phishing" for Consumers Credit Information (
Growing risk of phishing attacks
Phishers target Nordea's one-time password system
'Phishing' scams reel in your identity
Phishers Would Face 5 Years Under New Bill

Phishing Convictions:

Nineteen Individuals Indicted in Internet 'Carding' Conspiracy:
Shadowcrew Organization Called 'One-Stop Online Marketplace for Identity Theft'

UK Phishers Caught, Packed Away
Brazilian cops net 'phishing kingpin'

Stopping Phishing and Guides on protecting yourself:

How Not to Get Hooked by a ‘ Phishing’ Scam
Simple steps to avoid being phished
How Can We Stop Phishing and Pharming Scams?
How to Avoid Phishing Scams


Up to date news on phishing scams
Schneier on Security: New Phishing Trick
How Phishing Works
How Phishing Works,
MailFrontier Phishing IQ Test II
Computer Phishing Definition
Other Phishing Links


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