Java Security

Sun stuff:

Sun j2EE

Building Biometric Authentication for J2EE, Web, and Enterprise Applications

Sun Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Specification, v1.3

Java Security API

Chronology of security-related bugs and issues, 11/19/02

Low Level Security in Java

Java Security FAQ

Java security articles:

Patterns-Driven Security Design for J2EE Applications and Web Services

Security Patterns for J2EE Applications, Web Services, Identity Management, and Service Provisioning

Cracking Java byte-code encryption: Why Java obfuscation schemes based on byte-code encryption won't work

Java vs. .NET Security, Part 1

Java vs. .NET Security, Part 2

J2ee and .Net security, (PDF)

Twelve rules for developing more secure Java code

Top Ten Errors Java Programmers Make

Secure a Web application, Java-style

JSP Security

Security FAQ Home Page

David A. Wheeler's Java Security Tutorial (PDF)

A Comparison between Java and ActiveX Security, 10th October 1997 (HTML)

Java newsgroups:


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