Microsoft SQL Server Security

Microsoft SQL server vendor links
Microsoft SQL Server HomePage
This page is up to date with bug fixes, and security updates. This is must have for all Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE administrators.

Microsoft SQL Server Service pack 3a
Needed to protect yourself from the slammer worm!

SQL Server 2000 Security Tools
"SQL Server 2000 security tools are used to scan instances of Microsoft® SQL Server 2000™ and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) 2000. The tools help detect instances vulnerable to the "Slammer" worm, and then apply updates to the affected files." - Microsoft

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Yukon) Home Page
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Yukon) "Security Features at a Glance"
Microsoft "Most Popular SQL Server Downloads"

Vendor Support Pages
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Support Page
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Support Page
Great page for troubleshooting any issues you may be having.

Misc Articles
Cgisecurity SQL Injection Page
A collection of SQL Injection documentation.

SQLSecurity Checklist
A good checklist of things you should do before deploying a sql server into production.

Secure Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Another great article!

Microsoft SQL Server's Security Model
Good article!

Enhanced SQL Server Security Auditing
A Secure SQL Server
MSSQL and Security
Security Context of Dynamic SQL Statements Inside a Stored Procedure - Microsoft
Threat Profiling Microsoft SQL Server (A Guide to Security Auditing)
Microsoft SQL Passwords (Cracking the password hashes)

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