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Safely Investigating Malicious JavaScript
- Arbor Networks

Exploiting the XmlHttpRequest object in IE Part 2
- Amit Klein

Web Application Footprinting & Assessment with MSN Search Tricks, 2005
- Shreeraj Shah

Exploiting the XmlHttpRequest object in IE - Referrer spoofing, and a lot more..., By  Amit Klein, September 2005
- Amit Klein

NTLM HTTP Authentication (and possibly other connection-oriented HTTP authentication and authorization protocols) is insecure by design, July 18th 2005

- Amit Klein

HTTP Request Smuggling, 2005 (PDF)
- WatchFire

Common Security Problems in the Code of Dynamic Web Applications
- Sverre H. Huseby

The Insecure Indexing Vulnerability: Attacks Against Local Search Engines, February 28th 2005
- Amit Klein

The 80/20 Rule for Web Application Security - Increase your security without touching the source code, January 31st 2005
- Jeremiah Grossman

Stopping Automated Attack Tools, April 2005
- Gunter Ollmann

Secure programmer: Call components safely How you handle calls and returns is as important as which components you call, Dec 16 2004
- David A. Wheeler

Web Application Security Consortium: Threat Classification, (PDF) 2004
- Web Application Security Consortium (WASC)

Web Application Exposure to Risk: Raising Awareness to Build Confidence and Improve Security, 2004

Blind XPath Injection, (PDF) 2004
- SanctumInc

Divide and Conquer - HTTP Response Splitting, Web Cache Poisoning Attacks, (PDF) 2004
- SanctumInc

A Corsaire Whitepaper: Cookie Path Best Practice, 2004 (PDF)
- Corsaire

A Corsaire Whitepaper: Application Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks, 2004 (PDF)
- Corsaire

A Corsaire White Paper: Secure Development Framework, 2004 (PDF)
- Corsaire

SQL Injection Signatures Evasion (HTML)
- Impervia

Divide and Conquer: HTTP Response Splitting, Web Cache Poisoing Attacks, and Related Topics (PDF)
- Sanctuminc

Securing Apache: Step By Step, SANS GIAC - GCUX Practical Assignment (HTML) (ZIP)
- Ryan C. Barnett

LDAP Injection: Are your web applications vulnerable?, July 28th 2003 (Remote Copy)

Why HTTPS is not web security, 2001 (HTML)
-  par Yann Berthier

(more) Advanced SQL Injection, (PDF)
- ngssoftware

HMAP: A technique and Tool For Remote Identification of HTTP Servers, (PDF)
- Dustin William Lee

CRLF Injection, (TXT)
- Ulf Harnhammar

Advanced SQL Injection in SQL Server Applications, (PDF)
- ngssoftware

The Evolution of Cross-Site Scripting Attacks, 2002 (PDF)
- www.idefense.com

Secure Coding Practices for Microsoft .NET Applications, 2003 (PDF)
- Sanctum

Improving Web Application Security: Threats and Countermeasures, June 2003 (PDF) (6.7 Megs)
- Microsoft

IBM WebSphere V5.0 Security: WebSphere Handbook Series, 2002 (PDF)(9 megs)

IIS Security and Programming Countermeasures, 2003 (PDF)
- Jason Coombs

Application Security Assessments: Advice on Assessing your Custom Application, 2002 (HTML)
- Gunter Ollmann

URL Encoded Attacks: Attacks using the common web browser , 2002 (HTML)
- Gunter Ollmann

Custom HTML Authentication:Best Practices on Securing Custom HTML Authentication Procedures, 2002 (HTML)
- Gunter Ollmann

Web Based Session Management: Best Practices in Managing HTTP Based Client Sessions, 2003 (HTML)
- Gunter Ollmann

Polymorphic Shellcodes vs Application IDSs, 01/21/2002 (PDF)
- www.ngsec.com

Protection against exploitation of Stack and Heap Overflows, April 11th 2003 (PDF)
- Yinrong Haung

Security in the Microsoft .NET Framework: An Analysis by Foundstone, Inc (PDF)
- Foundstone
Best practices for input validation with Active Server Pages (HTML)
- Jerry Connolly

Prevention of the OWASP top 10 in Perl (HTML)
- Daniel Goscomb/www.dcode.net

A brief introduction to secure scripting (PDF)
- www.dcode.net

Session Fixation Vulnerability in Web-based Applications v1.0, December 2002 (PDF)
- ACROS Security

A Comparison between Java and ActiveX Security, 10th October 1997 (HTML)
- David Hopwood

David A. Wheeler's Java Security Tutorial, April 24th, 200 (PDF) PowerPoint (PPT)
- David A. Wheeler

eWeb Application Disassembly with ODBC Error Messages (DOC)
- David Litchfield

Cross-Site Tracing (XST), January 20th 2003 (PDF)
- Jeremiah Grossman

Weaving a Web of Trust 1997 (HTML)
- Rohit Khare and Adam Rifkin

TCP Port 80 - HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Header Exploitation, Sept 11th 2002 (HTML)
- William Bellamy Jr.

Securing dynamic Web content, Sept 2002 (PDF)
-Tom Syroid

The Future of Web Server Security, Date Unknown (PDF)
- Yona Hollander, PHD
NOTE:  This paper has been posted for its information base only, and we in no way promote or support the products mentioned within.

Web Application Security, September 2000 (PDF)
- Eran Reshef/Izhar Bar-Gad

Threat Profiling Microsoft SQL Server, July 20th 2002 (PDF)
- David Litchfield

Web Application Security, 2000 (PDF)
- Eran Reshef

Protecting Web-Based Applications: A META Security Group White Paper, 2002 (PDF)
- Meta Security Group

Internet Application Security, 1999 (PDF)
- Eran Reshef

Anatomy Of A Web Application: Security Consideration, July 2001 (PDF)
- Sanctum/Steve Pettit

Manipulating SQL Server Using SQL Injection, 2002 (PDF)
- Cesar Cerrudo

Introduction to Database and Application Worms, 2002 (PDF)
- www.appsecinc.com (Remote Copy)

Secure Scripting (Local Copy)(PDF)
- Dan Goscomb (Remote Copy)

Search Engines: The Ignored Threat , February 5, 2001 (HTML)
- Paul Heely

Abusing poor programming techniques in webserver scripts V 1.0, 7/23/01 (HTML)
- roses-labs.com

Security Issues in Perl Scripts (HTML)
- Jordan Dimov

Secure Programming in PHP, January 30, 2002 (HTML)
- Thomas Oertli

CGI/Perl Taint Mode FAQ, June 3rd, 1998 (HTML)
- Gunther Birznieks

Web Application Security, July 17th 2002 (PDF) (XSS and SQL Injection Remote Copy)
- Patrice Neff (Local Copy)

Trusted Paths for Browsers: An Open-Source Solution to Web Spoofing, February 4th 2002 (PDF)
- Zishuang (Eileen) Ye, Sean Smith Darthmouth College

OWASP Building Secure Web Applications and Web Services, June 2002 (PDF) (HTML)
- OWASP (UPDATED SEP 22nd 2002)

Server Based Worms, (PDF)
- sanctuminc

Developing Secure Web Applications, June 2002 (PDF)
- Amit Klein, Izhar Bar-Gad/sanctuminc

Hacking Web Applications Using Cookie Poisoning, 2002 (PDF)
- Amit Klein/sanctuminc

Web Application Forensics: The Uncharted Territory, 2002 (PDF)
- Ory Segal/sanctuminc
Note: This paper has been posted for its information base only, and we in no way promote or support the products mentioned within.

Potential Strategies for High Speed Active Worms: A Worst Case Analysis, March 24th 2002(PDF)
- Nicholas Weaver/U.C. Berkeley BRASS Group

Assessing IIS Configuration Remotely (Low Level IIS Application Assessment), Febuary 28th 2002(PDF)
- David Litchfield/ngssoftware

Guidelines on Securing Public Web Servers, Febuary 2002(PDF)
- Miles Tracy, Wayne Jansen, Mark Mcllarnon, NIST

[Bypassing javaScript Filters - the Flash! Attack], June 5th 2002(Html) (PDF)
- Obscure EyeonSecurity (HTML Remote Copy)

Against the System: Rise of the Robots, 2001 (TXT)
- Michal Zalewski/Bindview

SQL Insertion, January 2001 (HTML)
- Haroon Meer Sensepost

Security Design Patterns Part 1 v1.4, 11/12/2001 (HTML)  (PDF)
- Sasha Romanosky

Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities, 2001 (PDF)
- Jason Refail CERT Coordination Center

J2EE and .Net security v1.2, 2/12/02 (PDF)
- Ger Mulcahy

Hackproofing Oracle Application Server: A Guide to Securing Oracle 9, 10th January 2002 (PDF)
- David Litchfield (Remote Copy)

Sql Injection Are Your Web Applications Vulnerable?, 2002 (PDF)
- Spidynamics  (Remote Copy)

Best Practices For Secure Development v4.03, Oct 2001 (PDF)
- Razvan Peteanu

Security Standards: Sensitive Web- based Applications (HTML)
- Simson Garfinkel and Gene Spafford, O'Reilly & Associates, 1997.

Detecting CGI Script Abuse, Jul 15th 2000 (PDF)
- Advosys Consulting (Remote Copy)

Writing Secure Web Applications ,Aug 2001(PDF)
- Advosys Consulting (Remote Copy)

Preventing HTML form tampering , Aug 2001 (PDF)
- Advosys Consulting (Remote Copy)

A Study in Scarlet: Exploiting Common Vulnerabilities in PHP Applications (TXT) (Spanish) (French)
"A reprint of reminisces from the Blackhat Briefings Asia 2001"
- Shaun Clowes, SecureReality

A Lab engineers check list for writing secure Unix code , Rev.3C 5/23/96 (TXT)
- O'Reilly & Associates

Protecting sensitive data in memory , February 2001 (HTML)
- John Viega

Placing Backdoors Through Firewalls v1.5 (TXT)
- van Hauser / THC

The Future Of Internet Worms , July 2001 (PDF)
- Jose Nazario, Jeremy Anderson, Rick Wash, and Chris Connelly

The HTML Form Protocal Attack Version 1.1, 08/18/2001 (PDF)
- Joehen Topf

Brute-Force Exploitation of Web Application Session IDs, November 1, 2001 (PDF)
- David Endler iDefense

SQL Injection/Insertion Attacks , November 2001 (TXT)
- Roelof Temmingh / Haroon Meer , SensePost

Exploiting and Protecting Oracle Version 1.5, 2001 (PDF)
- pentest (REMOTE COPY)

Paper to Explore Revealing Clear Text Passwords from the Oracle SGA, 2001 (PDF)
- pentest (REMOTE COPY)

Some Of Our Papers

Email Archives may allow Distributed Attacks against users and Web servers, October 2001 (TXT)
- www.cgisecurity.com

Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks: A look into web server, and web application attack signatures. , November 2001 (TXT)
- www.cgisecurity.com

Header Based Exploitation: Web Statistical Software Threats, January 2002 (TXT)
- www.cgisecurity.com

Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks: A look into web server, and web application attack signatures: Part Two., March 2002
- www.cgisecurity.com

Anatomy of the Web Application Worm, March 2002
- www.cgisecurity.com

The Cross Site Scripting FAQ, May 2002
- www.cgisecurity.com

The Cross Site Request Forgery FAQ
- www.cgisecurity.com


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